More Glasgow’s Tourist Attraction

Visiting Glasgow will never be complete without visiting at least top three most visited landmarks and tourist attraction spot in their place. Glasgow is one of the rich city in UK’s, as rated it is in the top 3 on the ranks out from numerous cities in UK. These places are well recognized and recommended attractions by people who have stayed at Glasgow. You should not miss these places, make memories from it and make proud of yourself. Here are the least three most visited attractions in Glasgow:

The Burrell Collection

Addressed from Sir William Burrell, a great collect in Glasgow. He collected stuff coming from other countries like collections of medieval art, English oak furniture, collection of Islamic art, European paintings, modern sculpture and many more which include the work of famous artist from the different side of the country. He donated his collections to the city of Glasgow, displayed in an open gallery which is now one of the most remarkable places in the city.

Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery of Modern Art or GoMA is widely known for its contemporary work of arts in an exhibit. All the art stuff you will witness in it is dependent with the latest forms or modernized art styles. With its neo classical building structures anything around has touch glamorous and elegant effects. The place is not only for adults viewing but for the whole family, it is a great start to introduce to your kids the latest from of arts and how they come up into it.

Glasgow Cathedral & Necropolis

Glasgow Cathedral & Necropolis is the third on the list for your prospect attraction spot. You will see the historic yet amazing structures of their preserved cathedral where St Kentigern the first British bishop was thought to be buried at that place, and was built around 13th to 15th centuries. You will be turning time exploring the place and the environment imagining how it looks like hundred years ago.

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