Glasgow Lofts Hotel Review

Stay at Glasgow’s award winning hotel and experience how great they could provide their service to everybody. Who thought that these hotels do also have winning awards, Glasgow Lofts Hotel gathers top choice awards when it comes to accommodation and interior designing. They manage to collect awards like Chosen as one of the World’s top 1% of Hotels, Scottish Design Awards and awarded Expedia Insider Select 2009 and Winner of Best Interior. It’s very overwhelming to know that they also compete internationally. From that, it reflects towards the good reputation of their company keeping more guests and visitors comfortable stay while at their country. A world class quality service is what they aim to provide for all its future guests.

The rooms that they have are inspired by an apartment style, with the usual arrangement forms including all the facilities the guests they will need. From that idea we could expect that the rooms are semi like house wherein you can do things usually done at home like cooking and storing foods inside the fridge, you don’t have to go outside and take food orders. It is design this way so guests could stay longer as they want. They could even spend a month or more and consider it as home apartments yet with hotel services.

The place has a vibrant, refreshing and peaceful scene. The designs from top to bottom part are made with wood, so it doesn’t look very stiff, all with natural with the twist of the latest styles and designs. Lamps and fixture lights are chosen rightly to match the balance of the place especially with designs, accessories, and furniture and bed sheets. It is very unique compared with other concrete small boxes like rooms. You will also enjoy sightseeing the whole place of Glasgow; most of their rooms do have wide glass windows with tints to minimize too much sun rays. Most likely at evenings with sparkling lights from city streets and buildings, imagine your whole wall facing the city is covered with glass. Have an experience with them now.

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