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What are The Best Things to See in Edinburgh?

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1 Answer

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, after Glasgow it is the second largest city. Whilst visiting, you may be looking for some of the Best things to see in Edinburgh, here are some of them.

The Edinburgh castle sits on top of Castle Rock, which is a volcanic plug 390 feet in length. The castle was built in 1130 by King David I. A number of battles took place at this castle between the British and the Scottish forces.

The Scottish Whisky experience is dedicated to the manufacture and history of Scottish whisky, which is the most famous export in Scotland. You can visit here just after the Edinburgh Castle since it is right next door. During the tour, you will get to ride through the replica distillery in a whiskey barrel. You will also get to tour the largest collection of scotch in the world, as well as taste a variety of different whiskeys.

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