The Real Essence of Travelling

25 01 2017

Travelling makes human more open minded and aware about the great things we have in this world. It provides wondrous experiences to everybody making every moment more challenging and inspiring. Travelling could give people undesirable misfortunes like high risk dangers off road and overspending, but eventually all of these are worth the price after you have spend sometimes discovering the real beauty behind travelling. One may take a plane, ship, train or a bus whatever it will take somebody; witnessing the scenic views on the road is more than viewing a real a life story. You can sit beside a stranger never knowing it’s a billionaire, your soul mate or a long lost friend.

The real essence of travelling lies within you. People sometimes resist travelling because it’s tiresome, try to ask these questions within you. Have you seen the most peaceful sunrise and the warmest sunset? Did you find the world awesome, while you are more than hundred feet below the ground? Sailed with the intelligent creatures like dolphins along the wide open sea? Or sigh and bewildered from at least one of the breathtaking 7 wonders of the world. The inner happiness you’ll find after travelling will always remain memorable making you realize, how beautiful the world is.



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